Different Types of Control Modules in Warframe

Different modules are one of the more important aspects to have an understanding on when it comes to progressing through Warframe’s missions, as each module has a specific use. For example, some mods can increase your damage output while others help you regenerate health faster. These modules are used by equipping them on your weapons or warframes, which then allow you to equip that mod into that slot. The slots available will depend on the weapon or warframe being equipped with some requiring only one module whereas others require two slots at minimum.

What is a control module

A control module is a device, system, or mechanism that controls the performance of another device or system.

List of all the types of control modules in warframe

Types of control modules in Warframe

  1. Slots: Each weapon or warframe has a limit to the number of slots that are available. The more slots you have, the more control modules you can equip on your weapon or warframe.

  2. Damage Mods: Damage mods increase your damage output. This percentage will depend on the level of the mod as well as how many points have been invested into it.

  3. Regen Mods: Regen mods help regenerate health faster by increasing the amount of health that is recovered with each second. This number can be increased even more if a mod strength is used, which increases this number up to four times its original value.

  4. Special Mods: Special mods are not like most of the others in this list, but they are still extremely helpful. These mods can help reduce the amount of noise you make or increase your chances of stunning an enemy on each hit.

  5. Overshield Mods: This type of module is one of the most important modules to have equipped when it comes to survivability because it allows you to absorb damage which is otherwise dealt to you instead of having your armor take the brunt of it.

  6. Exilus Mods: Exilus mods are best used when placed on the exilus slot, but they can also be equipped on any type of weapon or warframe by moving them into that slot if available. These mods allow you to increase movement speed by using your secondary weapon, which can be very helpful when it comes to evading attacks.

  7. Augments: These are advanced versions of control modules that have been evolved into them. They are different from the rest because they give you two slots instead of just one.  These are best used on warframes rather than weapons because each warframe has a different augment that only works with them.

How to get Control Module Warframe

1) Join a clan - Clans give out rewards every week, which include rare items like control modules in warframe.

2) Do daily challenges - Every day there will be 3 new challenges available for you to complete on your own or with friends.

3) Do special alerts - When special events happen in the game, they offer extra challenges that give out unique rewards like control modules in warframe.

4) Farm the void trader - Every two days, there is a small chance that the void trader will visit us in person, bringing with him or her the most powerful control modules in warframe that you'll ever see!

5) Get the blueprint - If none of these other methods work for you (and not everyone will be able to), it's still possible to get your hands on some control modules in warframe if you're willing to spend some platinum.


Control modules are an important part of Warframe and it is very difficult to play the game without them. There are five types of control module slots, each with a different use for your weapons or warframes: damage mods, regen mods, special mods, overshield mod, exilus mod.  Your survivability will depend on how well you have your weapons and warframe equipped with these modules.